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Girl with a One-Track Mind

Livres en anglais
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Éditeur : Ebury Press
Parution : 3 août 2006
Langue : Anglais
Format : Poche
Nb. de pages : 320 pages


The bestselling book that changed the way we talk about sex... 'They say men think about sex every eight seconds - I want to know what they think about for the other seven...' Abby Lee is smart, sassy, and perpetually single. Frustrated with her mediocre love-life, she's now looking for the kind of sex she's always wanted. This is the intimate diary of her extraordinary journey. Never one to turn down an opportunity - even if it does include the use of a whip, the thrill of the outdoors, or the involvement of a third party - Abby enthusiastically romps her way through a series of one-night stands, casual flings, and same-sex shags. But as she revels in her sexual quest, Abby meets Blog Boy and begins to wonder: will she ever be able to give up the bed-hopping and finally settle down?

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