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Free Pass

Livres en anglais
Livre disponible à l'échange
Éditeur : NAL
Parution : 2 décembre 2008
Langue : Anglais
Format : Grand/Moyen
Nb. de pages : 310 pages


These three couples have shared good times with each other as friends. But as they celebrate their seven-year anniversaries, they?re planning to share some even better times?with strangers? Vacationing in Miami, Cherisse and Wesley are up for more than sunbathing, when Wesley spies a naughty lady through his telescope and Cherisse focuses her gaze on the lifeguard. Meanwhile, Melanie passes on the hot men at her health club and chooses a private workout with an out-of-towner. When her husband accidentally walks in on them, it?s anything goes. And at their rental in Greece, Debra and Gordon discover a Russian couple making love in a private show just for them. For the restless Americans it?s quite a come-on?and an irresistible invitation?

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